Image of Soft Cotton Cherry Blossum Ankle Socks - 2 pair -

Soft Cotton Cherry Blossum Ankle Socks - 2 pair -


These delicate floral themed socks are beautiful. They make a great present, or as a perfect wee gift for yourself!

They are a fine, lightweight Cotton Ankle sock with a Cherry blossum branch pattern.
Our dress socks are a very fine knit which makes them perfect for all occasions. They also have a very fine terry weave on the interior bottom of the foot for added comfort. A terry weave is many, many, fine tiny loops that act as a cushion for your foot.
When worn these socks reach just above the ankle. These socks are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

81% Cotton / 13% Lycra / 6% Nylon

100% Made in New Zealand, at our family owned and operated manufacturing plant.

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